1. The call of the wild

  2. Late night ice cream

  3. These photos are perfect.

    (Source: ballsoharduniversity)

  4. My hyperlapse attempt, cabbing home over the Manhattan bridge

  5. Sunflowers

  6. The end of a lovely bike ride

  7. Midtown Prodigy

  8. Late night psychic

  9. Evening sky

  10. A tough one

  11. Cannon Beach, Oregon

  12. Beale St., Memphis

  13. Memphis

  14. Timberline Lodge - Mt. Hood, Oregon

    Exterior, entrance, second level, and my room for the night.

  15. The original recording microphone in Sun Studios. To think that the likes of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis sang into this baby is remarkable.